A History of the Revival of 1992-1995

Mott Auditorium

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Similar in intensity to Toronto and Melbourne is what happened at Mott Auditorium on the campus of the U.S. Center for World Mission. Beginning in January of 1995, John Arnott of the Toronto Airport Vineyard and Wes Campbell of New Life Vineyard Fellowship in Kelowna, B.C. began taking various trips of two or three days each as guest speakers at Mott Auditorium. By March 24, nightly meetings had begun, lasting far into the night five nights per week. On April 16, Isabel Gouveia of Oakland saw a vision. On May 28, she testified of this as follows (archives of the new-wine list, July 29):

The anointing just came over me, and what I saw this large auditorium placed in the middle of a neighborhood, a quiet neighborhood in Pasadena. There were children playing all over in a nearby park. The Lord brought me in here. I came in the auditorium up to the stage, the altar here and what I saw was lots of seats going back and I saw three large doors. What I saw come in was just multitudes of people, coming into the auditorium with their arms open wide. It filled the auditorium up completely. People were standing in the aisles. Then I heard the Lord say that He was going to pour His Holy Spirit down upon all the people here in this place and that here ... that here they will come and they will seek my face. Here they will bow down before me. They will repent, and they will receive the outpouring, and they will seek my face and they will confess, and they will bow down before me as empty vessels ... and I will fill you up, and then what I saw was this gush of roaring living waters being poured out of everyone's belly, and it just filled up this place. It filled it up completely. It was a flood. The Lord said that it was a cleansing flood, that He was going to cleanse everybody here. Then what I saw was the waters went up the isles and out of the auditorium and into the streets of Pasadena into the surrounding neighborhoods. Then they connected and there were big rivers, there were mighty rivers, and they connected into the main arteries that flow into Los Angeles. Then in Los Angeles he said he will do a healing there and the people there ... and the people there, they will ... He said, His people then will be called by His name and that they will seek His face, they will humble themselves and they will pray, and He said then and only then. He said, I will forgive their sins and I will heal their land. He said that He will heal racism because there is only one race, and that is the race of Jesus Christ. He said that He will heal the generations, that He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to their fathers. He said to come, come and be close to me. Receive from me, receive from me.

On May 28 (at about the same time as a visit by Claudio Freidzon of Argentina, John and Carol Arnott, and Bill Twyman of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Anaheim) two children began seeing visions of angels. Transcripts of the testimonies of these children, Joy Ahn (12), and Christine Cadiogan (10) of Pasadena, were made public on July 29 through the new wine list on the internet, with the permission of Che Ahn, pastor of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Greater Pasadena. Very early in the morning on Sunday, May 28, Joy and her friend, Christine, were visiting the Ahn family in their home, but they began disturbing Che Ahn's sleep and Christine kept shouting "Mott, Mott, Mott, Mott." Sue, Che's wife (Joy's mother) took the two children to the nearby Mott auditorium, where the glory of God descended and the children saw open visions of heavenly things. An independent observer, John Lee, a ministerial student returning to the Church to pick up his car, said that he saw the glory of God in the form of a mist hovering all over the place, and later observed enormous angels everywhere throughout the auditorium.

In their visions, among other things, the children saw angels, doves, and people of all nationalities in unity at a banqueting table. There was also a huge canopy of the Holy Spirit falling upon the building from heaven.

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