A History of the Revival of 1992-1995

Karl Strader

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In February of 1993, Karl Strader, pastor of Carpenter's Home Church in Lakeland, Florida, and his wife, Joyce, were in Hawaii for a Worship '93 conference, where Norvel Hayes prophesied that a tremendous great wind of the Spirit was about to come to them. Joyce Strader wrote in Ministries Today (July/August 1993, p. 38), "We arrived home Saturday night. That Sunday morning Carpenter's Home Church began a planned one-week series of meetings with South African evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne But God had a surprise for us. The meetings went on for four weeks -- with thousands flocking to the church to see and taste the new move of God.... But God never intended for it to last only a week. Full-blown revival has come to Central Florida and Carpenter's Home Church."

During the first few months of 1993, Rodney Howard-Browne spent a total of thirteen weeks at that church, and Christian leaders from many parts of the United States, including Richard Roberts, chancellor of Oral Roberts University, came to the meetings to observe and participate, and minister in the new anointing. Charisma (Aug 1994, p. 24), stated that people flew in for these meetings from Africa, Great Britain, and Argentina to see what was happening.

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